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Nowadays, there are numerous job listing sites to choose from. Available positions are scattered amongst these various sites leaving job seekers to perform the daunting task of having to create accounts for multiple employment websites with detailed preferences, resume uploading, profile editing, and so on.

At Job & Career Services, we have a simplified process of hiring that starts with a simple Online Resume. We evaluate jobseeker information and compare their information to the requirements of various positions being offered through our company. We can immediately determine if a candidate is qualified to proceed on to the interview process.

Evaluation of qualified job candidates continues on until the right person is found for the job. We obtain the right information, ask the right questions, and analyze how each candidate responds so that we can make an informed decision for our client. Our recruiting representatives are highly skilled and continuously trained so they are qualified to act as hiring managers.

To jobseekers, our services are free. We will happily work with applicants who are qualified for one of more of the positions we are responsible for filling. We always strive to make the hiring process streamlined, but thorough so that qualified individuals are able to find their way into a successful and rewarding job.

Our Mission & Vision

Our goal is to become a national leader in professional job placement using technology as a foundation for a more simplified hiring process for both our employer clients and job seekers.

We will continously strive to offer quality-enforced hiring procedures for our clients with a streamlined application process for jobseekers.

Our policy is to always be open to change when it comes to being a better company to our clients and jobseekers. Over time, we will strive to always maintain our quality service standards.

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